GPS/GNSS satelite systems

by djerman 28/04/2012 Коментари (0)


Positioning systems are experiencing a large expansion and thus increasing their number. The most famous is surely GPS but there are GLONAS , Galileo and others. We have years of experience in this field and this is an area that is not unknown for us.

Basically, we have a team of engineers that develops software solutions and electronic devices. For the most part we deal with the development of software for vehicle tracking devices based on GLONAS/GPS systems and GSM/GPRS modules for data transfer. These are products that we do sometimes at the request of our clients and based on their specifications. Requirements and cooperation we have with the various parties and we are currently working with partners from Bulgaria and Russia in the development and modification of existing systems and devices and to develop new ones. In the preparation of projects we help our clients with advice and experience in the manufacture of a product in order to get what will meet their needs. In all this, we use the latest and most effective tools and as we have already changed a lot of possible combinations, practically there is no such thing that it is unknown for us.

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