In addition to high-quality device (which works with 2 SIM cards and thus provide very affordable vehicle tracking and throughout the EU) we can offer the tracking service, which means that there is a program on the server which collects data from a device installed in your vehicle. Server can be accessed through any conventional web browser (firefox, chrome, safari) from anywhere. It is enough to have your user name and password, which you will keep the details of your vehicle, and you will be able to log in and review all the information that you want. Server with the program is available 24/7 365 days a year (not taking into account the short periods for updating, maintenance, etc.). Maintenance of the server, provided connections to the Internet and update and maintenance program to track vehicles is our concern. From the moment you use our equipment, we install them in the car, set up, open accounts with the data for you and your vehicle, we provide assistance in obtaining SIM cards, train users to use and consistently control system. In case you are interested in and vehicle tracking in Europe and there we can offer very favorable conditions. With all this comes of course, guarantee for our work.

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