Vehicle tracking accross the Europe

by djerman 03/03/2014 Коментари (0)
Vehicle tracking, as a very important item in the functioning of every company that has a serious fleet, exceeds the need to use within a single country.

The barrier for a long time to effective utilization of this technology beyond the borders of one state was the price for GPRS traffic. Prices are now in decline, but if your vehicles are not in the EU or they travel to countries outside the EU, there is still the problem with the price GPRS traffic. This can be solved by using our device with a slot for two SIM cards. With this, it can provide better mobile phone coverage and consequently better visibility“ of your vehicle. This way, when the vehicle is driven on the road in Europe, even to stay there the whole month, the cost for GPRS traffic are really minimal, and reduces the need to talk with drivers and at the same time you have information where the vehicle is EXACTLY located.

vehicle tracking

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